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What you should know about sports massage

Sports massage usually accompanies professional sportspeople, but this isn’t always the case; you might be in need of a sports massage even if you just pulled a muscle while crossing the street.

Here’s what you should know about sports massage, how it differs from a normal massage that you can get anywhere else, what you can expect from a professional massage treatment and what you should do after your treatment.  

What is a sports massage?

Regular massage and remedial massage are meant for specific injuries, and the same is true for sports massage. Even though a sports massage is very often given to professional sports competitors who are preparing for a game or recovering from one, this type of massage isn’t exclusively for professionals. Because sports massages are for specific types of injuries and strain, you could still use a massage if you’ve strained any of these common muscle groups – and no, it doesn’t matter how you hurt it.

How does this type of massage differ to a normal massage?

A normal massage is meant to release everyday tension in the muscles, give or take a few muscle groups that the massage therapist might notice that have more than the usual tension to release. A sports massage is a little more specialised, and will target specific muscle groups – ones that are commonly injured during sports and physical activity, but which can be injured through many other ways including as an injury that has to do with your career – or just an accident where your body is worse off for it.

Who is sports massage beneficial for?

This type of massage isn’t just for people who injure themselves during sports. It can also be great for you if any of the common muscle groups have been feeling tired, or you’ve actually injured yourself doing anything. This style of massage focuses on rehabilitation and methods that can reduce the amount of tension and pain – and that’s what defines sports massage.

swimming sports massage

Finely tuned athletes like swimmers benefit from a consistent massage routine.

What can you expect from a sports massage treatment?

This type of massage focuses on bettering your body and helping it to recover from common injuries. This type of massage is therapeutic, and target certain muscle areas – the ones that need it most. Along with the massage itself, you can also expect to have a strict recovery routine outlined for after this.

What should you do after your treatment?

After your massage treatment, rest is often recommended – and you should do what you can to keep any stress off the affected body part for at least a few weeks (usually six to eight) afterwards. From there, you might also need several follow-up appointments with your massage therapist to ensure your long-term recovery goes the way it should.

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