Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a type of therapy that is aimed at treating athletes and training individuals to prevent or mitigate the risk of injury by manipulating the injured soft tissue muscles which can improve performance in their respective sport.

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What is Sports Massage?

Soft tissue problems can be more prevalent in athletes due to repetitive, vigorous and high physical activity. The desired outcome of Sports Massage is to optimise movement and aid in recovery and injury management. Massage techniques can vary and change depending on the outcome, type of sport, stage of training and timing of sports events (pre& post).

Who can benefit from a Sports Massage?

Sports Massage can be beneficial for individuals who are looking to increase:

Sports massage helping with performance



Range of motion

Sports Massage can also be beneficial for individuals who are looking to decrease:

Sports massage helping with ankle injuries

Sporting Injuries

Sports massage helping with recovery time

Recovery time

Sports massage helping with an increase in joint range

A restricted range of motion

What if you’re not an athlete?

Sports Massage can benefit anyone from an elite athlete to a morning walker. For example, you could be a football player who is sore from playing your last game, or an individual who has pain in their feet from walking. This style of massage can assist by improving mobility in order to get maximum output during performance. It also aids in effective injury prevention and management.

Does it hurt?

How a person tolerates Sports Massage can vary from person to person. However, regular maintenance may assist in reducing any discomfort that may be experienced during sessions. If discomfort is experienced, your Massage Therapist will work with you to manage this appropriately.

How often should I get a Sports Massage?

The frequency of Sports Massage will depend on how often an individual trains. Depending on the training regime/s, athletes may benefit from weekly sports massages for injury prevention and management. Individuals who engage in everyday exercise such as gym workouts, running and/or walking may benefit from a Sport Massage every two to four weeks in accordance with individual needs, to aid in recovery and movement efficiency.


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