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How does deep tissue massage differ from a normal massage?

Here’s everything that you should know about deep tissue massage, how it differs from a normal massage and when you could use a deep tissue massage.

What is a deep tissue massage?

Regular massage and sports massage can both target muscle tension and injuries, but they often only do this on a surface level for the targeted muscle groups; deep tissue massage on the other hand targets the deeper muscles – and can be used to relieve much deeper tension seated in the muscles.

How does this type of massage differ to a normal massage?

The whole point of a regular massage is to relieve tension and get the pain out of your muscles; it can do a lot for routine muscle injuries, but it’s true that it doesn’t do a lot for injuries that are deeper-seated – and deep tissue massage is different to a regular massage in the way that it targets these muscle groups on a deeper level. It’s usually reserved for injuries that cause chronic pain, or for severe injuries where a regular massage doesn’t penetrate deeply enough to better recovery, release tension or relieve pain.

Who is it beneficial for?

Deep tissue massage is recommended for any serious muscle injury or tension – and if a regular massage won’t reach the levels of depth that you need to recover, you’re instead looking at deep tissue massage to relieve your pain and discomfort. There are some conditions that don’t warrant this type of massage, or for which deep tissue massage could be more harmful: Consult with an expert before booking this style of massage at all.

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Deep tissue massage targets muscle groups on a deeper level.

What can you expect from a deep tissue massage treatment?

A deep tissue massage isn’t always the most comfortable massage that you’ll get – but it’s the best that you can do for your recovery, especially if we’re talking about an older, painful injury. This type of massage should only be done by a specialist: Someone who knows what they’re doing and has been doing it for years – and a thorough assessment of your injury will be necessary before your first actual massage session is even booked.

What should you do after your deep tissue massage treatment?

Your treatment doesn’t begin and end with the massage, and you’ll often have to make a few adaptations to your daily routine for at least six to eight weeks to ensure that the injury you’re being treated for has time to heal. Generally, you’ll also be required to attend several follow-up sessions with your massage therapist to ensure that your injury heals the way it should – and from there, your massage therapist can recommend the best treatment regimen depending on your injury.

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